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Secure Your Short-Term Rental with Smoke Detection

Keey understands the risks posed by cigarette smoke and unauthorized parties, which can lead to around $3000 in repair costs each year. We are dedicated to providing property managers and owners with a smooth experience from check-in to check-out.

That’s why we have partnered with Minut to introduce a unique sensor that monitors noise, occupancy, temperature, humidity, and cigarette smoke, all in one device. This partnership aims to offer better property management solutions, cost savings, and improved guest experiences in rental properties.

Minut have also added a cigarette smoke detection feature. This article explains why using a cigarette smoke detector in rental properties is essential for protecting homes and communities.

minut smoke detector

Protect Your Community from Secondhand Smoke

Unauthorized smoking in short-term rentals isn’t just a worry for property folks; it affects the whole community. In the United States, around 34,000 premature deaths occur each year due to secondhand smoke.

Smoke can sneak through vents, affecting everyone nearby and putting their health at risk. Thanks to Minut’s Cigarette detection feature, you get instant alerts when there’s indoor cigarette smoke. This means you can act quickly to protect your neighbors’ well-being and peace of mind.

Save Money and Boost Profits

According to a study from the University of Illinois – Chicago, property owners face an average cost of $1,600 per year for cigarette smoke-related damage claims. These costs can seriously dent your profits.

Cigarette damage can also mean lost income as units sit empty for cleaning and repairs. When you’re alerted to cigarette smoke in your property, you can act fast. You can also remind guests of the rules, preventing further damage.

Prevent False Alarms

Regular smoke detectors are standard in properties, but they can’t tell what kind of smoke is in the air. This leads to lots of false alarms and wasted time.

Minut’s sensor, powered by AI, is different. It learns from real-life data and can spot cigarette smoke specifically. You only get alerts when guests are smoking indoors, not when they burn their dinner.

Track Unauthorized Behavior

Imagine having a record of guests who smoked in your places. With Minut’s sensor, you can see a log of past cigarette smoke events through the app.

This log tells you when and where cigarette smoke was detected on your property. It helps you handle any problem guest behavior effectively.

Reduce Fire Risks

Cigarettes not only cost you money; they’re a big fire hazard. Each year, over 500 people in the United States die in fires caused by unattended cigarettes. These fires often start in beds, furniture, or trash cans.

By installing cigarette smoke detectors in your rentals, you can nip the issue in the bud before it becomes a danger. With Minut’s sensor, you’ll get instant alerts when a guest lights up indoors, allowing you to act swiftly and protect your property and the community.

In Conclusion

Keey’s partnership with Minut introduces cigarette smoke detection tech to short-term rentals. With Minut’s sensors, property owners can protect their properties, communities, and profits.

Detect and stop unauthorized smoking in real-time, save on repair costs, and improve the guest experience. Keep a record of cigarette smoke events for better guest management. Choose Keey and Minut for top-notch security and success in short-term rentals.

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